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jeudi 28 septembre 2023

4 Healthy teeth Whitening Tips


Follow this 4 healthy teeth whitening tips to avoid buying an expensive dental procedure, you just need to follow some habits to keep your wonderful pearly whites.

1-   Follow A White-Teeth Diet:

It’s simple, everything goes on your mouth appears on your teeth, so if you are addicted to cigarette and drinking much black tea, don’t expect positive results. Other drinks that can affect your teeth colors are cola, gravies and any kind of black drinks. The punch line: if it’s dark (drink or food) before you put it in your mouth, it will certainly discolor your teeth. Firstly, brush your teeth directly after getting a drink or food that stain. Secondly, if your toothbrush is not around do not take foods that stain your teeth. Instead, have an apple or something like that for dessert.


2-   Hold Your Toothbrush Like A Pencil:

The best way to hold your toothbrush is at 45-degree angle contra your gums and softly moves it to brush your teeth. Many people think that brushing your teeth in a hard way is more effective in term of removing plaque but it’s not. Try always to brush them gently and softly.


3-   Change Your Toothbrush Regularly:

Experts advise changing your toothbrush regularly (generally every two to three month) to avoid transferring bacteria from the toothbrush to the mouth, for electronic toothbrush you can simply only change the head of it.



4-   Use the mouthwash:

Try using mouthwash after brushing your teeth, this product has a quantity of alcohol and as we know alcohol can kill bacteria that give you bad breathing. Some experts said that many mouthwash products contain much alcohol quantity which can cause oral cancer, to be safe for that, we suggest you to choose it carefully or see your dentist.

Finally, I do believe that taking care of your teeth is everyone’s duty and responsibility, try following these tips to get a better smile and have pearly white teeth.

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