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jeudi 28 septembre 2023

Don’t Be a Celebrity


In our society, we place such a huge priority to famous people. But what’s the definition of being a celebrity and it’s worth it or not?

The meaning:

Literally, every one of us wants to be epic, remarkable and needed by others.

We are daily following celebrities on social media, we get jealous of them: we all want what their financial assets, what they have, living what they are living.

But what celebrities really have? A big audience right?A bunch of people who love them? So we want to live someone’s life, we are wishing that someone could love us!

The Tragedy:

Success does not mean essentially being famous; success is not a number of Facebook or Twitter followers.

Many celebrities live every day dealing with fake news, what are people saying about them. Furthermore, known people are anxious about finding something that is bad about them on the internet, they are stress handler. In addition, being famous can make you paranoid, and this applies a lot in relationships, you will face many gold diggers in your way.

Celebrities cannot enjoy simple pleasure such as taking coffee outside, going to the park or the zoo with friends and relatives. Add to that, you have to act carefully at the street! Don’t forget! The cameras are everywhere, even if you want to get into the hotel or getting out of it. Trust me, if you are a sociable person, you won’t enjoy living your life like that.

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