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jeudi 28 septembre 2023

That’s Why You Should Stop Following Celebrities


Come on! We are almost in 2020, and we are always obsessed with famous people, we are reading the news that are talking about them, following them on social media, or even trying to persuade ourselves that we did recognize them out the grocery store.

The reason why all people are obsessed with celebrities is certainly they all want to be like them, social media can literally fake your life, those celebrities are only posting pictures where they are living their lives to the fullest (sharing with you the good things only). But you won’t find one celebrity telling you about his “raging diarrhea”. Getting super-fast access to unthinkable lifestyles, filtered to just show you to best of the best of someone’s life, you will just see them on their luxury cars or on an incredible holiday on the beach. I’m sorry for being honest, but accessing to this content is a catastrophe for you.

We are surrounded by mega-wealthy guys, celebrities who have nutrition experts, personal coaches, and expensive plastic surgeries. It’s unbelievable, we will never achieve that. And this fact does not stop us from keeping our eyes on those celebrities and staring on their profiles in hope that we could be like them on day too.

I lately recognized that when I felt weakness I browsed gladly some posts of my favorite celebrities; it was like an instant gratification for me.

Be aware of what you are consuming on social media, if someone has something quite interesting to share with you, I’m with it, it can help you develop your life. But following a rich person, because he’s rich, that’s the problem!

Following celebrity will just make you poorer; you are dreaming that one day you will be like them! You need to take action and focus on your life!


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