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jeudi 28 septembre 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping


The Importance Of Sleeping :

Sleeping is very essential, without a sufficient amount of sleeping you can hurt your health. Not getting a suitable time sleeping can have ungainly consequences on your work, school and health performance.

How Much Sleep Is Necessary?

Many experts confirm that adults should sleep at least 7 to 9 hours per night, some people require more and others require less.

What happens if you don’t get enough time sleeping?

Not getting the necessary amount or the quality of sleeping drives you to more than just feeling fatigued. Sleepiness has a huge relation with the cognitive function which can drive to learning issues in children, memory loss in people of all ages, depression and anxiety.

What are some advices for getting a good night’s sleep?

Create an excellent sleep environment, and this can be done by being certain that the bedroom where you are sleeping is convenient for you, dark, and silent.

Be positive: Do not go to your bed with any kind of negativity, such as “what if I cannot get enough sleep for my meeting tomorrow”, try to grow a positive mindset.

Be clear with yourself:Make a to-do list before sleeping; this act can be helpful for you if you worry too much and overthink while are you sleeping at your bed.

Avoid taking naps: If you feel tired at the day you can take a nap but no more than 30 minutes and no later than 3pm.

Avoid taking stimulants: Avoid heavy meals and taking stimulants such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and cola at least 4 hours before bedtime instead take a cup of milk or yogurt.

Exercise: Exercise before sleeping, you can simply try walking, running and so on and so forth.

Stop clock-watching: Use the alarm for waking up, leave your bedroom if you cannot fall asleep in 30 minutes, do some relaxing activity in another room such as listening to music.

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