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jeudi 28 septembre 2023

SomeRules of Men’sFashion


If you go to the street, a simple look can wound your eyes, I’m not a fashion expert, but here are some rules that every man should follow:

Blank t-shirts are always better, it can be a black or white t-shirt or whatever you want, but talking about the blank it’s always right. The number of men who don’t figure out that is massive.

Knee socks are for girls only, seriously you should not pull up your socks to a very high level, do not pull them up to your neck, you won’t look like a gangsta.

Don’t tuck your t-shirt into your pants, I can agree with you, a long time ago that was stylish, but not anymore! Just wear your t-shirts casually, you can tuck your shirt instead, you will look like more professional and formal.

Shirts with short sleeves are terrible, yeah! Fashion companies are producing this kind of clothes for kids only; you can get a shirt with long sleeve and start rolling it up, with this you will look more elegant.

You don’t have to create your own style if you don’t know much about being a stylist; you can just start focusing on a classic style. Furthermore, stick with normal colors, like white, black, grey and brown.

Build your confidence; no one of us was born expert, do you remember when you first start driving a car? You were extremely terrified! It’s literally the same thing with your confidence; it’s something that we can develop day after day, it’s a skill that you should master. 

These are some basic advices and tips, which one is the most important?  Well probably none, i still have one advice for all of you!

Play it safe, if you are not certain, just ask a woman.

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